Вышел Lazarus 0.9.18

29.09.2006 Сергей Смирнов

The Lazarus team is glad to announce the 0.9.18 release. This release is
based on fpc 2.0.4.

This release can be downloaded from the sourceforge download page:

Detailed list of changes:

lazbuild: There is now a command line tool to compile projects and
packages called 'lazbuild'. It is built on 'make' and included in all
binary packages. See the man page or the wiki or start with -h option
to see all options. To build only lazbuild use 'make lazbuilder'.

important for win32 users:
win32 installer: all fpc binaries and sources are now in the fpc
subdirectory. To prevent possible problems install lazarus in a clean

win32 installer: localization of context menus
debian packages for lazarus and fpc-crosswin32 (for example ubuntu)
added scripts to create slackware package for lazarus from A.J. Venter
'make install' now supports INSTALL_PREFIX
improved rpm package for SuSE

carbon interface: implemented GetWindowSize, GetClientRect,
critical sections, LM_SIZE, LM_MOVE, LM_PAINT messages, synchronized
gtk interface: added minimum size for TTrackBar,
implemented TPage.TabVisible=false
gtk2 interface: enabled direct drawing, because it has working event
area and double buffering
win32 interface: if the OpenFileDialog.FileName contains a directory
and ends with a '\', then use the FileName property as InitialDir
removed limit on number of selected files (issue 7220)
Send LM_CHANGED for TCheckListBox.OnItemClcked
qt interface: implemented TListBox
TLabel from Felipe
basic color handling from zephod

updated finnish translation from Seppo Suutarla
updated german translation from Joerg Braun and Swen Heinig
updated polish translations from Pawel
updated dutch translations from Darius
updated chinese translations from freefcw
updated indonesian translations from Zaenal Mutaqin
updated russian translations from Maxim Ganetsky

Implemented printer RawMode Access
Object Inspector: paste components does not delete components
IDE: implemented find next/previous word occurrence. Available
in source editor popup menu
added InvertColor and RGBColor to graphics.pp from Tom Gregorovic
starter: first check in the primary config directory
for a Lazarus executable
added package for CodeTools
added fpcunit tests that compile the examples
IDE: added windows version info for projects from Jouke Rensma
see Project -> Project Options -> Version Info
published TPageControl.OnPageChanged
starter: StartLazarus accepts --debug parameter:
debug output will be written to debug.log file in the
primary config directory (issue 1307) from Boguslaw Brandys
TTrayIcon: added x11 version which works under qt
LCL help: URL handling with parameters,
add firefox to the browserlist, specific location for Safari,
added htlmview for Fedora/Suse from Colin Western
TBitmap: fixed using destinatin CopyMode from Giuliano Colla
Made naming more consistent. Intfxxx methods are called by the
interface, WSxxx methods call the interface
IDE Find in files and Find: implemented multi line pattern and
replacement, regexpr case insensitive, regexpr whole words
Hint windows: CalcHintRect now uses screen width as default
New IDE menu item: Run -> Quick compile
package dependencies: Default filenames for required packages
can now be stored in packages and projects.
MessageDlg: default button No is now before Abort
for Delphi compatibility
IDE Help for FPC keywords activated. The help files are not yet
in the standard fpc files. Download them separately from the
fpc site.
codetools: searching macpas unit in macpas mode
fixed xml writer to use current line endings
TComboBox: KeyDown no longer eats normal keys
xml streaming: implemented loading/saving custom properties
added gtk X functions to toggle a form fullscreen, limit mouse
movement and capture keyboard from Andrew Haines
removed xmlreporter unit, now part of the FCL
added modified flag to StringGrid
find in files: added filter for search results from Funky Beast
Unit info dialog: added button to jump to include directive
CheckListBox: OnItemClick when using space bar to toggle the
IDEIntf: added IDESearchInText, added text converter tools
IDEIntf: added interface for external tools
added Procedure Jump to source editor context menu
TLabel: not painting background when Transparent=true,
and when disabled paint label embossed from Darek
source editor now switches to the right, instead of the left
when deleting a page from Alexandre Leclerc
published TSpinEdit.OnEditingDone
IDE codetools: added option to disable adding semicolon
for identifier completion
added IDE macros: LanguageID and LanguageName bug 1931
DragDrop: sending dmDragMove added bug 1930
implemented freepascal highlighter with nested comments
added multithreading examples
IDE: edit menus are now disabled if no selection available
LCL now uses ClientWidth/Height, when Width/Height is not
specified in lfm
added XML test listener, GUI Runner tree now scrolls
while tests get run from Darius and Graeme
renamed stringgriddlg.pas to lazstringgridedit.pas
added ipfileboker.pas from Armin Diehl
published TImage.OnDblClick, works on win32 (issue 7078)
extended quick fix items for jumping, jumping to linker errors
added IDE warnings, if FPC source units are missing
added TXMLConfigStorage to LCL
implemented a dialog to find components in the palette
see popup menu of components in the palette
added virtual TCanvas.FreeHandle and extended TControlCanvas
to work without control from Darek
added component popupnotifier from Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho
and A.J. Venter
added example for html help with ipro from Armin Diehl
added evaluate text at cursor during debugging from Darek
using TSpeedButton.Font.Color for drawing text
from Giuliano Colla

After uploadind one noteworthy bug was spotted:
When creating an event for a new/unsaved unit, you get the error:
Error: unit not found : VirtualUnitFotJITClasses
As workaround save the unit, close it and open it again.
It is already fixed in svn.


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