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Сообщение azsx » 07.12.2018 07:34:37

На МКС поломался робот, не стал выключать музыку и сказал, что экипаж слишком жесток к нему. Интересно, на чём написан?
In a first, AI robot accuses fellow astronaut of being mean to it
Humans blaming each other of being rude is too mainstream, as now a robot has blamed people of being mean to it.

Earlier this year, a free-floating robotic face named Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) was sent to the ISS to assist the crew members. In a newly released video, the robot accused crew member of being mean and requested him to ‘be nice’.

CIMON is actually a 3D-printed robot face stuffed with IBM Watson artificial intelligence. The robot was meant to assist the human crew members with tasks, provide some entertainment, and boost their morale.

AI robot to join astronauts in space

In a video released on Friday by the European Space Agency (ESA) showed CIMON initially politely responding to ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s commands. The robot then indulges in small talk with Gerst. Gerst asks CIMON to play his favorite song, but after he asks him to cancel playing it, the robot acts a bit restless and asks him to stop being so mean, and starts sinking down to the deck.

However, despite the unpredictable behavior, the comments are just another form of entertainment for the astronauts up there. The $6 million, basketball-sized robot though showed off some exceptional tricks and has beneficially assisted its crew members.

https://www.brecorder.com/2018/12/01/45 ... ean-to-it/
по ссылке есть видео
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